About Us

Mayank Singh

When two high school classmates with a like-minded entrepreneurship spirit met after 25 years, they decided to collaborate and utilize their acquired skill-set to solve some real-world problems. This is how EnviroApps’ first product, ez2Track, was conceptualized in 2015.

EnviroApps vision is to help the industry solve niche problems, promoting efficiency, reducing duplication and lower the cost to do business while improving the quality of information that they use to base their decisions on. Our mission is to provide much needed visibility and turn the data being acquired to satisfy regulatory requirements into useful information for the industry. Information that would help the industry make profits while reducing the impact of their operations on the environment, thereby improving the quality of life for people around us.

 We help make lives easier for our clients by ensuring compliance, lowering costs and enable ESG data gathering effortlessly!

Amit Bhargava